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Cutler Bay, Florida is a community west of Biscayne Bay and visitors and residents can enjoy a variety of restaurants, shopping and nightlife. Cutler Bay is full of local entertainment and bars, while many residents or visitors venture into the famous nightlife of Miami Beach.

If you want to experience South Florida, your Palmetto Bay property can be your next full-time home. Whether you want to spend the day by the water, strolling through the shops, seeing what's going on on the street in Coral Gables, or stopping in a nature reserve to take a deep breath, Pal Metteo Bay has everything you need. If you want to recharge your batteries after a long day on the beach, in the sun or in one of the many restaurants and shops in Cutler Bay, you can be in Palmet to Bay next to your home.

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Palmetto Bay is located between Biscayne Bay and US1 and is nautical, meaning parts of it are historic and are touched by the Florida Keys, the Gulf of Mexico and the Great Barrier Reef. With many marinas and boat ramps, it is the perfect place for fishermen and boaters to launch their boats and go out to sea. If you're looking for free options in Cutler Bay, Florida, there's BISCayne National Park.

The cultures that have lived here include Indians, Europeans, Africans, Asians, African Americans and many other cultures.

The people who call Palmetto Bay their home describe themselves as members of a variety of ethnic and ethnic groups. The Hispanic or Latino population is the most prevalent group in the city, with 45.62% of the population and 90.2% of U.S. citizens. They can be of any race, but the population of PalettoBay is more diverse than any other village in the state of Florida and the nation as a whole. English speakers, non-English speakers and people of all ethnicities and religions.

Palmetto Bay is also one of America's more educated communities, with more than two-thirds of the population having a college degree or even a higher degree, compared with less than one-third of US citizens in the state of Florida. Palmet to Bay Public Schools are among the highest rated schools in the District, encompassing public colleges and universities, as well as private and charter schools. PalettoBay also has a higher percentage of its population who were born outside the country than any other village in Florida and the nation.

Palmetto Bay remains strongly committed to creating an attractive road environment, including increasing tree populations, to support growth, landscaping, and walking and cycling infrastructure. There is a South Dade Busway, the only public transportation link into the city of Palm Beach County, which is being proposed as a location for future transit and development. Continuing its partnership with Florida's Department of Transportation, the Village of Palmet to Bay is planning to add a neighborhood library.

There are a number of small venues and many generous programs, including Culture Shock Miami, which offers $5 admission to shows for visitors ages 13 to 22. There are a number of cultural events, such as the Palm Beach County Performing Arts Center, which makes it one of the largest performing arts centers in the state of Florida. The Palmetto Bay Cultural Center and the South Florida Center for the Arts offer a wide range of arts and cultural programs for children and adults, as well as a variety of educational programs and events.

Visitors and residents of Cutler Bay who are looking for a more traditional shopping experience will have to head outside of Cutler Bay and into Miami. Shoppers looking for an outdoor shopping experience in Florida can visit the nearby Southland Mall. CutlerBay visitors or residents seeking more information about the Palmetto Bay Cultural Center and the South Florida Center for the Arts can contact (954) 888-707-3200.

When culture and vibrancy are more on your menu, the people of downtown Miami will find a wide variety of restaurants, bars, shops and restaurants with great dining options. The city is also home to the prestigious University of Miami, one of the best schools in the United States, and the nation is just a few miles from Cutler Bay. Less than 20 miles away is Miami, and there's a college or university to choose from.

According to the Palmetto Bay City website, there is a shuttle service that is designed to increase the number of destinations people can visit in the village. It has two vehicles and was designed and built with this goal in mind so that people can take off and land safely, comfortably and conveniently.

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